Public science books

  • I pianeti extrasolari, second edition, Ed. Il Mulino, Bologna, Italy, 2019.

  • Good Atmosphere: Identifying the Signs of Life on Distant Worlds, in the book Aliens, Picador, New York, 2017.

  • I pianeti extrasolari, 2013, Ed. Il Mulino, Bologna, Italy.

Citizen science programs

Ariel Data Challenges

Ariel Data Challenge 2023, hosted at European Conference of Machine Learning

Ariel Data Challenge 2022 at NeurIPS (Neural Information Processing Systems), see video.

Ariel Data Challenge 2021, hosted at ECML PKDD 2021.

Ariel Data Challenge Series launched in 2019 to build global community for exoplanet data solutions . Hosted at ECML PKDD 2019.

Select radio & video programs

Select public talks & lectures

  • Invited talk, West of London Astronomical Society, London, April 2023.

  • Invited lecture, QuarantaScienza , Nov. 2022.

  • Invited talk, Friends of Imperial, London, Oct. 2022.

  • Invited talk, UCL Diploma Club, London, Oct. 2022.

  • Invited talk, IoP, London, July 2022.

  • Festival della luce, Como, Italy 2021.

  • Invited talk, SETI, September 2020.

  • Invited Bolton lecture, Leeds, Nov. 2019

  • Invited talk at Bristol Astronomical Society, Bristol, Nov. 2019.

  • Cattedra Fermi 2019, Roma Italy. Public lectures.

  • Public talk, Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, London, July 2019.

  • Invited talk at Marlborough College, Nov. 2018.

  • Invited talk at British Astronomical Association Summer Meeting, July 2018.

  • Public talk at National Astronomy Meeting in Liverpool, April 2018.

  • Invited talk, Flamsteed Society, Greenwich, Feb. 2018.

  • Public talk at Science Festival in Genova, Oct. 2017.

  • DIAS School of Cosmic Physics Statutory Public Lecture, Dublin, Oct. 2017.

  • Public talk University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia, Sept. 2017.

  • Public talk Planetarium of Brisbane, Australia, Sept. 2017.

  • Public talk New Scientist, London, UK, Sept. 2017.

  • Speaker at Reflets dans l'eau, Torino, Sept. 2017.

  • Invited talk, Society for Popular Astronomy, London, April 2017.

  • Public talk, Climi planetari - che clima fa la' fuori? DEEP program, University of Torino, April 2017.

  • Public talk Royal Institution, London, January 2017.

  • Public evening talk at DPS/EPSC, Pasadena, US, Oct. 2016.

  • Public lecture at Royal Astronomical Society, Burlington House, London, Oct. 2016.

  • TEDx talk Morgan Stanley, London, Nov. 2015.

  • Invited speaker event Made In, Il Circolo dei lettori, Torino, Italy, Feb. 2016.

  • Invited talk at Bayer, Milan June 2015.

  • Invited talk, Flamsteed Society, Greenwich, Jan. 2015.

  • Invited talk, Now. New, Il Circolo dei lettori, Torino, Italy, May 2014.

  • Invited talk, Planetarium of Milan, May 2014.

  • Invited talk, Società Astrofili di Tradate, Italy, May 2014.

  • Invited talk, Planetarium of Palermo, March 2014.

  • Invited talk, AstroFest, London, Feb, 2014.

  • Invited talk, Planetarium of Rome, Nov. 2013.

  • Invited talk, Planetarium of Rome, July 2011.

  • Invited lecture, Summer Science Academy Fondazione Agnelli, Turin, June 2011.

  • Public lecture Premières lumières de nouveaux mondes, Paris, Oct. 2010.

  • Invited speaker, British Science Festival, Birmingham, UK, Sep. 2010

  • Invited speaker, science debate, Trieste, Italy, June 2010.

  • Invited public lecture, European Week of Astronomy and Space Science, Hatfield, UK, April 2009.

  • Invited talk, Genova Science Festival 2008, Italy, Oct.

  • Invited cycle of seminars organised by CosmoCaixa/La Caixa Foundation, Barcelona, Girona and Lleida, Spain, Feb. 2008.

  • Invited speaker at the Science Festival, Genova, Italy, Oct. 2006.

  • Invited speaker, À la recherche des nouveaux mondes, Jussieu, Paris, May 11th 2006.